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I’m Carrie Sechel, author of BASE Jump Finding Yourself in an Unfulfilling Professional World. I created BASE Jump to share the formula I used to go from fear to clarity, confidence, and freedom. 

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I help people who want to live full out.
People just like you.
Gain the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to drive maximum value, make an impact, and live a life you love. This requires that you understand and embrace each of four phases that you will go through over and over again. Which phase do you need help with?
Turning Point 
Discover how to know when it’s time to make change and embrace it instead of resisting it.
Discover your most powerful attributes, the true you, what’s holding you back, and chart a course forward.
Discover how to make real change that translates into maximum value, maximum impact, and a life you love.
Living the Dream
Discover how to live an awesome life while enlarging your dream and embracing new turning points.
Envision these four phases in a circle like the graphic below. The circle illustrates how the phases flow naturally and when you’re in one phase you know where you’re going next!
How to Bring 100% of Your Value to the World 
and Love Life at the Same Time
If you’re like most of my readers, you have achieved great success. Maybe you’ve achieved the success you dreamed of years ago. You know you should be grateful, but you wonder if this is all there is. 

You want to keep moving forward, make an impact on the world, and live a life you love. But, the more success you gain the harder it seems to make change. You have so much to lose.
Does this sound like you? Be honest!
  • You feel pulled toward something else
  •  You have always had a sense that you will do something deeply meaningful with your life
  •  You fear living a life of regret wondering what could have been if you don’t make a change
  •  You long for more love, happiness, and joy in your life today, not someday
  •  You wonder if anyone feels like you feel
If so, you’re not alone.
I know how you feel!
I’ve been there and I know how it feels to be stuck and fear making a bold move. As a former Deloitte partner, I achieved the success I dreamed of. But the success didn’t feel nearly as awesome as I thought it would. 

I felt pulled to something deeply meaningful but fought it. I was so scared to lose all that I had gained. I was sad and in pain, and didn’t realize that I had so much more to gain by making a bold move.

Over time, the fear of regret – never knowing what could have been – became greater than the fear of losing what I had gained. I committed to changing my life and living full out – no regrets, bringing 100% of myself to the world no matter how scary it is, doing deeply meaningful work that impacts the world, and feeling joy every single day.
You can live full out!
Through my experience and years of mentoring others I know what it takes to make a bold move and live life full out. Today, I am driven by the knowledge that so many awesome people feel stuck, marginalized, and unfulfilled. What would the world be like if all of these people broke free to bring 100% of themselves to the world? 

I am on a mission to find out! Through BASE Jump and my transformation programs, I guide people just like you to discover their most powerful attributes and use them to not only love life, but also to drive their greatest value, lead, and impact the world.
"With BASE Jump, Carrie Sechel has given voice to those who desperately desire to make a major life change but have just needed their courage to be fully and boldly activated. Her words leap from the page as from a dear friend, a motivating coach, a trusted counselor, and an experienced BASE jumper. 

Because she has lived with both the soul unrest of hungering for something more and the ultimate fulfillment of actively pursuing something more, she helps you to consider and prepare for change from all angles — from the practical considerations of planning your finances to the spiritual implications of living your purpose. She poses the singular burning question you’ve managed to evade and dismiss but now need to actually answer. 

Carrie bravely answered that question for herself and subsequently heeded the call on her life. With wisdom, candor, and practical exercises to ready you for the jump, she squeezes your hand in support and then let’s go while urgently whispering that same question to your heart and mind: “What are you waiting for? Jump!”

— Theresa M. Robinson, author of O-Syndrome: When Work is 24/7 and You’re Not
I am thrilled to work with my husband, Todd, and our son, Daniel, as we live our dreams and help others do the same. Our home base is Amherst, OH, a small town west of Cleveland on the Lake Erie shore. We are passionate travelers and you can often find us somewhere exploring the world.
You just need a guide.
I would like to be your guide, showing you how to rock your life, drive maximum value, impact the world, and never get stuck again!

You don’t have to stay stuck, fear regret, settle for a good enough life, or feel alone any longer! You absolutely can live full out every single day!
"What keeps people from moving on their brilliant ideas is fear of all the unknowns. Without a friend who has already navigated the waters, it's scary to imagine how to succeed without a guaranteed paycheck from someone else, how to schedule work and create day-to-day rhythm when living as an adventurer, or how to come to grips with who we are outside the context of our jobs. Carrie becomes the friend we need, to help us get the clarity, courage, and support we need to do to set ourselves up for a successful jump - and establish a mindful, well-planned crossing into independence."

— MaryJo Burchard, PhD, Organizational Consultant
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"Carrie Sechel’s new book, BASE Jump, is a groundbreaking approach to career and life planning, that is both inspirational and instructive. Many of us have faced critical turning points in our careers and personal lives that require rethinking our basic assumptions about hurdles that seem insurmountable. Carrie’s approach blends a new philosophy towards work with a practical methodology to successfully navigating difficult and life changing decisions." — Alice Lerman
Recent Testimonials
"BASE Jump is the book I was looking for a decade ago. The story connects with readers immediately. And the actionable steps Carrie provides, makes taking the jump with confidence and a higher success rate to achieve new dreams. After reading this book, you'll have zero excuses to creating a life and career you desire."
Jen Kelchner
Forbes Leadership Coach & CEO
"BASE JUMP is one of those books that will help you get out of your own way. 

If you feel stuck, confused or completely lost, Carrie will lead you out of the dark. 

But get ready to work - this book is not for the timid.
David Mariano
Ursula Blakely
"BASE Jump is an awe-inspiring book that peels back the layers of who we really are and who we want to become. 

 If you truly want to make a conscious change in your life and need insight, this is the book for you! "
Ursula Blakely
Advisory Recruiting,
Deloitte Services LP
Zach Rospert
"This thought provoking read will definitely challenge readers to leap to a path of no regrets! Carrie is a living example of how making it to the top of the corporate ladder does not equate to a fulfilling life. 
This book will help others identify their priorities and live their life with newfound purpose."
Zach Rospert
Fiscal Officer and Coach,
Erie County
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