About Carrie Sechel
Carrie Sechel
I spent the first 18 years of my “working” career in big public accounting firms, learning how to be successful and believing there were no limits to my success. I was the classic “high achiever” and was driven by constant growth, new experiences, and the thrill of achievement. 

My public accounting years included a 2-year assignment in India, working with people of all ages and cultures, developing into a servant leader, and being a successful partner at Deloitte. About 16 years into this amazing career, I looked around at what I had built and become. What more would I do? Who was I? I felt an undeniable pull to become someone creative, entrepreneurial, and impactful who could leverage my experiences in deeply meaningful ways. 

I am no longer driven by the success of the next job title or role. I’m driven by my knowledge that so many awesome people feel stuck, marginalized, and unfulfilled. What would the world be like if all these people broke free to bring 100% of themselves to the world? I am on a mission to find out! 

Through BASE Jump, Power to Pivot, and my other transformation programs, I guide people to live full out: discover their most powerful attributes and use them to not only love life, but also to drive their greatest value, to lead, and to impact the world.
My husband, Todd, our son, Daniel, and I call Amherst, Ohio our home base. However, we are passionate travelers and spend a lot of time exploring the world, near and far! We feel immensely blessed to have so many amazing experiences and love to share what we’ve learned to inspire others to explore our world. We share the details of our adventures, travel tips and hacks, and how to use travel to transform at www.thesechels.com.